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Baja Life Magazine supports the protection, preservation and management of Baja California's magnificent natural resources. As a means to provide current information to our readers, the staff at Baja Life Online has created this website to continually update you on the many individuals, forward-thinking companies and NGOs that are working hard to balance the use of Baja’s unique eco-systems. Through education and appreciation, our goal is to manage these diverse environments in a sustainable manner that provides for existing and future generations.

Tracking "Zapata"

Ocean revolutionaries!

Our sea turtle research team is currently tracking "Zapata", a male loggerhead turtle making his epic ocean-spanning migration from Baja California to what appears to be Japan...back to his natal beaches.

Keep your eye on ZAPATA!!

For more information take a look at:

And remember that Zapata follows in the path of a previously tracked revolutionary turtle, Adelita!

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