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New Sportfishing Regulations Established in Loreto

New regulations are being established for sportfishing and other aquatic recreational activities in the Parque Nacional Bahia de Loreto, BCS. In meetings held with David Maldonado Diaz of the Park staff earlier this month, Baja Life was informed about a new organizational program designed to register and monitor all marine vessels offering tourist services in the Bay of Loreto National Park. The Park office will be contacting the owners of those vessels participating in commercial and recreational aquatic activities, providing their boats with Park registration numbers and further information on the new requirements. Those requirements include registration of both the vessels and their employees, the filing of departure forms and of sportfishing reports for each excursion.

The registration of locally owned pangas, sportfishing boats, dive boats, kayaks and sailboats will help Maldonado reach the Park's goal of monitoring the number of recreational vessels working within its marine boundaries and utilizing its resources. With that information, the National Park will be better able to study the impacts of recreational aquatic activities on its protected island and marine ecosystems. The increased use of island and mainland beaches, favored sportfishing and popular diving locations by visitors to the Park needs to be supervised. Park staff would ultimately like that to be on a mostly self-regulating level and they will be working with local tourist service providers to reach that goal.

There will be new signs posted at the harbors in Loreto and in Puerto Escondido designating those areas as tourist activity checkpoints. These signs will ask sportfisherman to register their entrance into the Park with Park officials and the Port Captain. They will also ask sportfisherman to abide by their fishing licenses and to not exceed limits. The checkpoint signs will remind fisherman to fill out their sportfishing reports and to deposit them in the boxes at the checkpoint after each fishing trip.
Those forms will be available from vessel captains and the Park office.

Each day on VHF channel 16 there will be a 15 second announcement, requesting boat operators to turn to channel 14 for an important message from SEMARNAP and the Port Captain. That message, read both in Spanish and English will state:

"Because the Bay of Loreto and the surrounding islands are a Natural Protected area, the following rules must be respected:

  • Everybody must register their entrance into the Park through the administration of the Marine Park and the Port captain.

  • Do not bring any animals or plants onto the islands. NO PETS PLEASE!

  • Do not leave any garbage behind, nor light camp fires on any of the islands.

  • Abide by your fishing license and do not exceed your limit."

The sportfishing report will have spaces for the fisherman's name, fishing license number, time on the water and a section for recording data on the type and amount of fish caught. It will also include a space to describe the area where the fish were caught and on the reverse side of the
report there will be a sportfishing zone map for the entire Bay of Loreto.

If you would like more information on this new Bay of Loreto National Park program please contact:

Melissa Paxton,
Director of Environmental Affairs,
Baja Life Magazine

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