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Baja Life Magazine supports the protection, preservation and management of Baja California's magnificent natural resources. As a means to provide current information to our readers, the staff at Baja Life Online has created this website to continually update you on the many individuals, forward-thinking companies and NGOs that are working hard to balance the use of Baja’s unique eco-systems. Through education and appreciation, our goal is to manage these diverse environments in a sustainable manner that provides for existing and future generations.

The Sea of Cortez Foundation
By David Simmonds, President and Publisher of The Mexico File newsletter.

The Sea of Cortez is one of the most treasured marine oases on the planet, a breeding ground for the Pacific Ocean. More than 900 species of fish and marine mammals inhabit the Sea, but the days ahead for many of these species are numbered. Just as the tropical rainforests are being depleted by shortsighted economic policies linked with human overpopulation, greed, lawlessness and poverty, the Sea of Cortez is being devastated...piece by piece, year by a rate difficult to comprehend.

There is still time to save the marlin, yellowfin tuna, grouper, turtles, shrimp, sardines, bay scallops, sea cucumbers, sharks, yellowtail, the vaquita and the totoaba...all of which are endangered in this body of water, but which would have a chance to thrive with long range social and economic policy changes. Dolphins, sea lions, and manta rays, all of which are now threatened, can continue to live in the Sea.

Imagine an international preserve where trawlers, gill nets, and long-liners are outlawed, where the native population can continue to sustain itself in a way which preserves dignity and community, where visitors from both sides of the border can come to enjoy the abundance and beauty of a natural jewel. Making this dream come true is the goal of The Sea of Cortez Foundation.

The Sea of Cortez Foundation is the self-appointed watchdog of the Mexican government’s proposed "Nautical Ladder," a plan designed by Mexico’s National Tourism Fund (FONATUR) to build 22 marina-tourist sites along the Baja California Peninsula and Mexican mainland adjacent to the Sea of Cortez. This will have a major impact on the natural beauty and environmental integrity of the Sea of Cortez. We want to make sure that this is done right. We want the Sea to last – to be enjoyed by our children and by future generations.

The Foundation envisions the Sea of Cortez and the Baja peninsula as perfectly suited for eco-tourism and sportsfishing, recognizing the necessity of the local people to thrive economically and ensure their survival. We have undertaken to educate the people of Baja in ways in which they can be the providers of eco-tours and preserve the environment at the same time.

If you would like to help or become a member, please log on the web at: or
You can contact Dave Simmonds at (858) 456-4030.

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