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Baja Life Magazine supports the protection, preservation and management of Baja California's magnificent natural resources. As a means to provide current information to our readers, the staff at Baja Life Online has created this website to continually update you on the many individuals, forward-thinking companies and NGOs that are working hard to balance the use of Baja’s unique eco-systems. Through education and appreciation, our goal is to manage these diverse environments in a sustainable manner that provides for existing and future generations.

San Jose Island Eco-Development Master Plan Approved

In a 21-0 unanimous vote, the La Paz City Council composed of four different National Political Parties (PRD, PAN, PRI, & PT), approved the “San Jose Island Eco-Development Master Plan”. San Jose Island is located between La Paz and Loreto, in the Sea of Cortez. The island became private property in 1887 and is under state, not federal jurisdiction. This particular situation that combines “Private Property and State Jurisdiction” represents an important ecological and economic asset for the State of Baja California Sur.

The objectives for the approved Eco-Development Master Plan are:

  • The Integration of San Jose Island to Regional Development

  • To establish an Nautical Eco-Tourism Corridor between La Paz, San Jose Island and Loreto

  • To establish the San Jose Island Conservancy on 95% of the property (41,000 acres)

  • To create an Eco-Science and Tourism Alliance for the generation of resources to conserve, protect and restore this and other islands (900 in the Sea of Cortez)

  • To establish on the remaining 5% of the property the Infrastructure for the Interpretation of Nature and Tourism

The fundamental objective of the San Jose Island Program is to achieve a sustainable Regional Development, one that will allow the coexistence between social-economic development and the conservation of the environment. The Eco-Tourist development of San Jose Island provides a responsible and feasible alternative and also an economical justification to conserve, protect and restore areas that would otherwise be impossible to safeguard for future generations.

Mexico is embarking on a new era, where private enterprise has to undertake a different, more active and responsible role in environmental consideration. It is a proven fact that laws and bureaucracy are not enough to curb the damage being done to Mexico’s amazing natural resources. The challenge grows greater everyday. International support will be required and through new and more creative programs which involve the Mexican People and their private corporations, this change can be realized.

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