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ASUPMATOMA Establishes Leatherback Sea Turtle Sanctuary
-Sandy Mirisch

Thanks to a kind donation from Pinal and Associates in Cabo San Lucas, we drilled a saltwater well and since August 13th, 2000 we have had an environmentally safe facility for nurturing the injured turtles back to health.

Thanks to Laura Sarti, P.E.S.C.A. and Dr. Scott Eckert of Hubbs Sea World Research Institute, we will establish our first conservation project for the Leatherback sea turtle at Agua Blanca, (where “Josephina” was tagged in January) on the Pacific Ocean just north of Todo Santos. Look for a November completion. For anyone interested in the project status, email Sandy Mirisch at

The San Diego ASUPMATOMA office has facilitated eight college students who will be working as interns with local biologists this season. They are coming from Florida, the United Kingdom, Missouri, Texas and other parts of the world. Once again the University of La Paz biology students will return each weekend to assist with patrols.


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