Commercial Boat Caught Poaching in
Loreto Marine Park
From a Letter to Parque Marina de Loreto
Loreto, BCS, Mexico

June 24, 1999


On June 16, 1999, at about 7:30 am, while attempting to make bait at Punta Baja, at location N25 47.546, W111 11.232, we saw a trawler going in circles about 2 miles south of us. We tried to call you on Channel 16 three or four times, but got no response.

A few minutes after 8:00 am, we decided to go take some pictures (see left). By the time we got to the vicinity of the trawler, his anchor was set and the lines on the outriggers were hanging straight down. There were three or four men on the stern of the trawler fishing with rod and reel. One of them brought up what looked like a brown fish about four or five pounds while we were circling the stern of the trawler.

As we approached the trawler, a small open, blue and white boat, possibly a 20' Bayliner, sped north from the trawler. It had three men in it, one a skipper, and the other two appeared to be American.

The name on the bow of the trawler was "Don Arturo I" and the name plate on the stern said that it was from Sinaloa. The trawler appeared to be well-maintained and was blue and white. There was one Panga swinging at the stern.

At about 09:45 am, we were going south along the ridge north of Montserrat Island, when we saw three Pangas fishing at N25 47.897, W111 02.916, where the water is about 65' deep. We approached them at about 1000 hours, and made a loop around them, taking three more pictures (not shown). There were two floats among them. One of the Pangas was going away from the others and pulling on a heavy line.

The names on the Pangas were "Santa Lucia", "Santa Lucia 2" and "Mayte".

We hope this incident does not go unnoticed and this illegal activity will be curtailed through enforcement of the Park's mandates.


Concerned Citizens of the Park.