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Baja Life Magazine supports the protection, preservation and management of Baja California's magnificent natural resources. As a means to provide current information to our readers, the staff at Baja Life Online has created this website to continually update you on the many individuals, forward-thinking companies and NGOs that are working hard to balance the use of Baja’s unique eco-systems. Through education and appreciation, our goal is to manage these diverse environments in a sustainable manner that provides for existing and future generations.

Marine Mammal Die-Off Along Pacific Coast of North America, a non-profit streaming video web site, has released a report on the die-off of three species of marine mammals along the west coast of North America. The report is presented as a six minute film accompanied by synchronized metadata as well as text.

In recent years so-called "unusual mortality events" have occurred with alarming frequency on the shore of the eastern Pacific. Sea lions have died by the hundreds from domoic acid poisoning, a result of harmful algal blooms. Gray whales have died in unusual numbers during the past two migration periods. The number of killer whales in several well known pods have declined by 20 percent and more. Sea otters are dieing from diseases resulting from pathogens to which they do not normally sucumb.

Many reasons are cited for these die-offs but they are probably the result of synergies of overfishing, warming ocean temperatures, and the many forms of pollution of the marine ecosystem.

"Providing packages of information in the annotated streaming video format is a new way of getting both video and text information to the public, journalists and legislators with high impact," says Hardy Jones, executive director of As the video streams it is paralleled by synchronized data, which may include text, web hyperlinks, spread sheets and graphics. can, in many cases, provide video to support broadcast journalists in producing stories on subjects we cover.

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