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9th Annual Meeting of the Grupo Tortuguero:
"Se Necesita Toda Una Comunidad"

January 26-28, 2007 – Loreto, BCS

ON JANUARY 26-28, 2007 THE 9TH ANNUAL Meeting of Grupo Tortuguero was held in Loreto, BCS and was a roaring success! The Grupo Tortuguero, Pro Peninsula, GEA and the community of Loreto served host for over 400 participants from the U.S,Mexico, Canada, Guatemala and Japan.

Reflecting the meeting’s theme, “Se Necesita Toda Una Comunidad “ (It Takes a Community), the meeting highlighted the important role everyone plays in sea turtle conservation. Long term conservation takes commitment and hard work by everyone and this years meeting attendees- including youth, teachers, fishermen, scientists, conservationists and others- celebrated their role in saving sea turtles.

During the past year, the Grupo Tortuguero has successfully expanded its reach throughout the communities of the Baja California peninsula, mainland Mexicoand the world. The Grupo Tortuguero’s community-based teams have worked together to gather data that proves that the waters surrounding the peninsula are a sea turtle “hotspot” of global importance. More importantly, these community members have taken on the role of conservation ambassadors, promoting environmental awareness and creating a sense of pride within their communities. They have inspired youth and adults alike to actively participate in conservation programs as well as create their own conservation projects.

Presentations at the 2007 meeting reflected all of the hard work and many successes achieved by the group and its communities. Grupo Tortuguero biologist, Melania Lopez, presented the 5-year monitoring report that included the results of years of monitoring sea turtle populations throughout the peninsula. Other presentations included the results of Grupo Tortuguero members’ education and outreach programs, community conservation programs and international exchanges.

Additionally, this meeting was important as it was the precursor for the 10th Annual Meeting of the Grupo Tortuguero to be held in conjunction with the International Sea Turtle Symposium in Loreto, January 20-27, 2008. This meeting will be the most important meeting in the history of the Grupo Tortuguero and a landmark event for the community of Loreto. The combined meeting will join together the world’s foremost authorities on sea turtle biology and conservation with Baja California’s community conservation leaders in what will be an incredible opportunity for sharing, learning and planning the next decade of turtle-saving on the peninsula. The theme of the 2008 conference is “Native Oceans” and will celebrate and bring together the world’s sea turtle cultures, such as the Seri Indians (Comcaac) of Sonora.

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