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July 23, 2001
Press Release

The DiscoverAmerica Series Visits The Bay of Cabo San Lucas

DiscoverAmerica, the award-winning television series that takes viewers to the most inviting destinations throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe is proud to team up with "Save Cabo Bay" to shoot an episode in Cabo Bay, San Lucas, for an upcoming episode of DiscoverAmerica.

The arch marking the entrance to the Bay of Cabo represents the very essence of the staggering beauty and unspoiled waters of the area known as Los Cabos. Each winter hundreds of gray whales travel thousands of miles to breed, and then nurture their young...migrating birds frigates, osprey and the like watch over the bay, the air is filled with the playful trumpeting of the sea lion colony...and the deep underwater canyon just off El Medano Beach in front of the Hotel Hacienda Beach Resort reflects the region's astounding bounty. Considered on of the world's singularly unique ocean habitats, it is home to nearly 1,000 species of sea life and flora.

It was a discovery by Jacques Cousteau in 1973 that elevated the Bay of Cabo San Lucas...from just another beautiful and popular touristy attraction... to a national treasure. Below the calm surface of the Bay where the deep canyon meets the shallow shoals, the ebb and flow of the current has created a natural sand fall. It was this discovery added to the already long list of the area's natural wonders that prompted the government to declare the Bay of Cabo San Lucas a National Marine Sanctuary.

Pristine Cabo Bay and its beaches, however, are no longer a given as some local government agencies and business interests conspire to change the face of Cabo Bay forever. In 2000, Cabo Bay's sanctuary status was rescinded, opening the way for the construction of a massive dock to accommodate 2,000 passenger cruise ships. At stake: the very survival of Cabo Bay's delicate ecosystem. Local, residents, business owners and ecology groups have joined together in opposition to the project. Groups such as "Save Cabo Bay" are rallying support from a wide array of opponents. Learn more about the bay and "saving the bay" on this upcoming episode of DiscoverAmerica.

The Teaching Learning Network is located in West Palm Beach, Florida and produces the DiscoverAmerica series, Trailside: Make Your Own Adventure and the Bridge To One World series which air on national public television, independent cable and in network syndication.

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